Yamane Shuzo


Region: Chugoku
Prefecture: Tottori

Founded in 1887, Yamane Shuzo is situated in the westernmost area of the Inaba Kingdom, historically known as Hioki Township, now apart of Tottori City, south of the Sea of Japan in Tottori Prefecture.  An area known for harsh winters and heavy snow, the cherry blossom trees in the area are known to bloom around Lunar New Year in the middle of winter.  These cherry blossom trees known as Hioki Sakura inspire hope for the arrival of the spring.  The brand Hiokizakura embodies that inspiration.       

The brewery produces sake primarily to appease their own tastes.  However, with that spirit, the brewery recognizes that sake production is not a imple annual routine, that they are constantly being challenged by nature and must evolve every year to contend with her challenges at every turn.  They derive joy through meeting these challenges and developing new approaches.

因幡の國の最西端に位置し、北に日本海、南に中国山地を望む当地日置郷。この田園の一角に明治20年創業いたしました。冬、雪深い当地には、旧正月の頃満開となる桜の名木があり、春を待つ心に酒を酌み交わす意を込めて「日置桜」と名づけました。 私どもは、手造りの製法を厳守し、特化した伝統産業の誇りをもって酒造を究めてまいります。