Zuisen: Hiryu - Soaring Dragon

Awamori is the indigenous spirit of Okinawa.  Its production is limited to the island and ingredients are limted to long grain indica (Thai rice) and black koji.  Awamori has a long history of aging and its roots date back to the 15th century at the dawn of the Ryukyu Dynasty.

Special Characteristics

Zuisen Hiryu is a blended barrel-preserved awamori.

Product Style/Type:
  • Awamori
Rice Variety:
Long Grain Indica
Alcohol By Volume:
30 %

Preferred Serving Temperature:

On-The-Rocks Chilled Room Temp Warm Hot
Available Sizes
  • 750 mL


Region: Okinawa
Prefecture: Okinawa
Tasting Notes

Distinctively pale golden brown in color, smooth aged taste up front with hints of vanilla, lively and refined finish.