Toshimori Shuzo


Region: Chugoku
Prefecture: Okayama

Founded in 1868, Toshimori Shuzo is located in Akaiwa City of Okayama Prefecture in the Chugoku Region of Japan.  Akaiwa City exists today in what was once part of the Karube District.  Karube Omachi, a prized substrain of Omachi sake brewing rice that Okayama Prefecture is famous for, became extinct in the mid-to-late 1930s.  Toshimori Shuzo sought to revive this once extinct Omachi strain in the 1960s without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Today, Karube Omachi is referred to as Akaiwa Omachi and its ressurection is widely credited to Toshimori Shuzo. 



Editor's Postscript: The sake from this producer is remarkably structured and so incredibly precise in terms of balance, it is easily taken for granted when tasted on its own or even in a vertical tasting through the producer series. Strange as it sounds, the brilliance of Toshimori Shuzo is their ability to produce sake that demonstrates even the barely perceptible imbalances in the sake of their peers.