Region: Tohoku
Prefecture: Fukushima

Established in 1711, Niida-Honke, where eighteen generations of brewers have dedicated their lives to brewing healthful sake is situated in central-west Fukushima prefecture.  A pioneer in the production and use of shinzenmai (all natural or biodynamic) sake brewing rice cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Water used in the brewery is sourced from two sources on the company's land; soft spring water, Mizunuki no Wakimizu, sourced from atop one of the mountains situated wihtin the 600+ acres of land the brewery possesses and hard well water, Takenouchi no Idomizu from a well situated near the brewery's rice fields.  The brewery hopes to achieve nearly full sustainability by year 2025.  Currently, all waste water is treated in the brewery's waste water treatment facility; 95% of all bottles utilized by the brewery are recycled; pest control in the rice paddies is accomplished by introducing frogs into the rice paddy ecosystem; rice field weeding is done by hand and tadpole shrimp that are introduced into the fields.  In order to protect the water supply, the brewery also works closely with the Japan Bear & Forest Society in an effort to revitalize the local environment and maintain the health of the ecosystem. All materials utilized in the production of Niida-Honke's sake undergo a multi-stage testing process for radioactivity pursuant to the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and have been found to be radiation-free and safe to consume.   


草取りは田車各種と手取り・かぶとえびを採用。自社田近くの「竹の内の井戸水」(硬水)と、自社山から湧き出る「水抜きの湧水」(軟水)という二つの天然水をブレンドして使っています。 洗米や、タンクの洗浄などもすべてこの天然水で行っており、水を守るために所有するおよそ100ha(100町歩)の山の管理も大切な仕事の一つです。

創 業 1711年・正徳元年(江戸中期)



全量自然米100%+純米100%だけでなく、醸造用乳酸を一切使用しない「自然派酒母」100%を達成、穏ブランドは「白麹酒母仕込み」となり、そして自然酒ブランドは「生酛仕込み」に致しました。 滓下げ剤等も一切使っておりません。また一歩前進した新しい金寳を是非お試しください。