Satsuma Mura : Imo (Sweet Potato) Shochu
English: Satsuma Village

Single-distilled on the Osumi Penninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture on the island of Kyushu.  Satsuma Mura has been produced since the dawn of the Meiji Era focused only on black koji (kuro koji). 

Special Characteristics

Satsuma Mura seeks to capture classic and nostalgic imo flavor; exuding all the characteristics of ancient sweet potato shochu recreated for the modern era.

Product Style/Type:
  • Shochu
Alcohol By Volume:
25 %

Preferred Serving Temperature:

On-The-Rocks Chilled Room Temp Warm Hot
Available Sizes
  • 750 mL


Region: Kyushu
Prefecture: Kagoshima
Tasting Notes

Crisp and Full-Bodied, yet Delicately Sweet and Balanced.  Slightly Earthy and Aromatic.