Wine of Japan Import, Inc.


Country: United States

Wine of Japan Import, Inc. (WOJ)  is one of the oldest family-owned and operated national importers of ultra-premium sake, spirits and beer.  Founded in 1973, WOJ began as an importer and regional beverage alcohol distributor servicing the New York tri-state area.  In 1984, Sanwa Trading Co., Inc. was founded as the commercial foodstuff sister importer and distributor.  In 2003, a second beverage alcohol and commercial foodstuff distribution center was established in Orlando, Florida under the Sanwa banner.  Most recently in 2015, WOJ established a west coast distribution center in Los Angeles, California.

In an effort to better service regional consumer tastes from coast to coast, WOJ has forged several partnerships accross its vast network of brewers throughout the world.  Accordingly, WOJ possesses the capability to develop, produce, and package private labels in response to client specification.  Furthermore, WOJ has produced several brands of its own in an effort to respond to perceived market gaps be they price-driven and/or quality-driven.