Sanyohai Shuzo


Region: Kansai
Prefecture: Hyogo

Sanyohai Shuzo is located in Shiso City in the Yamazaki District of Hyogo Prefecture.  Situated near the banks of the Ibogawa River, a major trade route for rice and timber via Takase boats; the brewery was founded in 1837.  According to Banshu folklore, it is said that sake was first brewed in the area by the Iwa God.  The brewery is now in its 6th Generation.    

The Banshu Ikkon brand is focused foremost on food pairability; subtle aromatics balance out a texture of finesse, followed by a clean finish.  The sake is crafted with intense focus at each stage, bottling is done by one-by-one before pasteurization and cold-storage for tempering.