Ozawa Shuzo


Region: Kanto
Prefecture: Tokyo

Founded in 1702, Sawanoi has been crafting sake for over 300 years.  A celebrated brewery in the remote Tokyo Okutama area deep in the mountains.  Utilizing the exceptional water flowing through the canyons, the name Sawanoi was used in reverence of the terroir.  The brewery's mantra is that progress is the lifeline of brewing; there are no absolutes, this year's sake will/must be better than last's, next year's better than this year's, so forth eternally.      


酒造りに「絶対」はない。 しかし、その有り得ない「絶対」を求め続けるべく、去年より今年、今年より来年・・・、向上心を持って、酒造りと向き合っていかなければならない。 それが辛くもありまた何よりも面白いのである。