Kunimare Shuzo


Region: Hokkaido
Prefecture: Hokkaido

Founded in 1882, Kunimare Shuzo is located in the western port city of Mashike on Hokkaido Prefecture.  Mashike has been revered for its herring fishing heritage that dates back over 200 years.  The brewery was established to provide a sake that would cater to the vast number of fishermen working on the beach.  As such was born the sake brand Kunimare or Pride of the Nation.  Kunimare Shuzo is currently the northernmost sake brewery in Japan located beyond the Shokanbetsu Mountain range. 

Hokkaido is home to legendary snowfall, the Mashike Region possesses superior quality drinking water owing to the abundant snowmelt.  So much so that the Kitamaebune or northern-bound merchant vessels that traveled from Osaka through Seto and along Hokuriku headed for Hokkaido would take stores of water for the journey home.  Kunimare Shuzo is dedicated to perpetuating the art of the Nanbu Toji using pristine water and exceptional ingredients to produce old world dry sake that resonates with the bounty of the sea and the soul of the port.