Asabiraki Corporation


Region: Tohoku
Prefecture: Iwate
The name Asabiraki translates New Dawn.  It is derived from rowing poetry said to be used for the ceremonial ship launching of the Manyoshu vessel in the 8th Century.  The name was used by 7th generation Nanbu Clan samurai Genzo Murai when he started brewing sake in 1871 as a result of the Sword Abolishment Edict.  It stands as a metaphor towards repurposing the samurai spirit; facing a "New Dawn" of new era. 
The brewery motto is that sake is not crafted by brewers, rather it is crafted by the interplay of koji and yeast.  It is within a proper environment in which koji and yeast thrive.  To cultivate the proper environment in which koji and yeast can thrive is the brewer's true craft.