Kagua: Citrus Saison
English: Aroma Harmony

Japanese Spiced Ale - KAGUA is an unique ale, unlike anything you have tasted before. From the moment you pour it in your glass, you will be mesmerized by its distinctive and exceptional aromas.

Special Characteristics

Fruity and dry farmhouse ale with refreshing yuzu aroma.

Visual - Dark gold with a creamy head.
Aroma - Bold yuzu aroma and sharp sansho scent.
Body - Medium light body

Alcohol By Volume:
6 %

Preferred Serving Temperature:

On-The-Rocks Chilled Room Temp Warm Hot
Available Sizes
  • 330 mL


Country: Belgium
Tasting Notes

Juicy yuzu flavor is prominent and very drinkable.

Far Yeast Brewing Company

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