Ginga Kogen: Hefeweizen
English: Plateau of the Galaxy

"Ginga Kogen" means "The plateau of the Galaxy." It is brewed at the foot of Mount Wagadake in Iwate prefecture in Japan. Mount Wagadake is known for its heavy snowfall resulting in an abundance of sparkling clean water, ideal for brewing beer.

Special Characteristics

Ginga Kogen is a "Hefeweizen" style beer: a yeast wheat top-fermented beer brewed with more than 50% of wheat malt. It is an unfiltered beer distinguished by its fruity aroma and pale color.  

Alcohol By Volume:
5 %

Preferred Serving Temperature:

On-The-Rocks Chilled Room Temp Warm Hot
Available Sizes
  • 300 mL


Region: Tohoku
Prefecture: Iwate
Tasting Notes

Mildly Fruit-Forward, Delicate Effervesence. 

Ginga Kogen Brewery

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