Far Yeast: Tokyo White

Beer inspired by Tokyo - Reflecting the exciting and vibrant city of Tokyo, Far Yeast’s rich and sophisticated aroma, along with its dynamic and evolving flavor, will certainly bring the metropolitan city to mind.

Special Characteristics

Dry, smooth Saison boasting an aroma that is both refreshing and fruity as it derived from a combination of esters and hops.

Visuals - Cloudy, light pale gold with a creamy head
Aroma - Well balanced fresh hops and fruity aroma
Body - Medium light body

Alcohol By Volume:
5 %

Preferred Serving Temperature:

On-The-Rocks Chilled Room Temp Warm Hot
Available Sizes
  • 330 mL


Region: Chubu
Prefecture: Yamanshi
Tasting Notes

Low hop bitterness combined with a dry finish that has a pleasant acidic touch

Far Yeast Brewing Company

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