Yamawa Shuzoten


Region: Tohoku
Prefecture: Miyagi

Founded in 1896, Yamawa Shuzoten, a pharmacy turned sake brewery, is located in the famed Nakashinden in Miyagi Prefecture.  The original brand "Washigakuni," is derived from a Date Samurai Clan song, taken directly from the lyrics.  In order to harness the brewery motto "feels like water," the brewery uses pristine water from the snowmelt of Funagata Mountains.  Utilizing old-world brewing methods, from rice steaming to koji cultivation, the brewery focuses its craft on the brewing trinity: mushimai, koji, and moto.  Balancing reverence towards tradition with their desire to continually innovate, the brewery preps their sake brewing rice by applying negative ions through a proprietary apparatus for several days.  The theory is that by treating the rice with negative ions help to purify the rice and render it more optimal for brewing.