Kikuisami Shuzo


Region: Tohoku
Prefecture: Yamagata

Founded in 1973, Kikuisami Shuzo is located south of Mt. Chokai overlooking the Mogami River and the Shonai Plains. The company name is a combination of the terms "Kiku" (chrysanthemum) "-isami" (strength) with the hopes that the sake they are able to produce will possess flavors as vibrant and robust as the Chrysanthemum Flowers. Approximately 900 years ago, a family built a golden capital in the northeastern part of Japan. Their prosperity lasted 100 years until they were destroyed by the central government. In the war, 36 samurai and one princess escaped and settled in Sakata City in Yamagata Prefecture. The descendants of the 36 samurai established the coastal trade in Sakata City, the location of Kikuisami Co., Ltd. The port of Sakata grew to become one of the biggest ports in Japan in the latter half of the 17th century. The "36 SAMURAI" brand was created to honor their achievement and carry on their legacy.