Far Yeast Brewing Company


Country: Belgium

Far Yeast Brewing Co. was founded in September 2011 as Nippon Craft Beer Inc., to deliver the best beer throughout the world. The name change to Far Yeast Brewing Company occurred in late 2014.  People all the world have loved beer since the dawn of time. However, the mass industrialization during the last century or so has altered beer into a “yellow, fizzy, and uninteresting” shadow of itself, even as it has spread further across the globe. Beer has become just another mass-produced product, mainly controlled by enormous promotion budgets, instead of by the philosophy, originality and ingenuity of brewers. As a result, it has lost its delicious and inherent diversity, unlike wine and sake which have retained their uniqueness. We see the craft beer movement starting from the 1970s as beer lovers’ attempt to take back beer’s rich culture from the restrictive large-scale producers. And this movement has been moving in the right direction, allowing more people to enjoy a wider variety of beer styles. Far Yeast Brewing has set its mission of “democratizing beer” in order to work together with the craft beer community to give beer back to the people.