Pure rice sake traces back to the 8th century during the Nara Period (A.D. 710-794) in Japan.  Our portfolio features a diverse selection of artisanal sake sourced producer-direct from 36 prefectures.

Beer was introduced to Japan during the 17th century by Dutch traders. WOJ was among the first to import the Sapporo brand into the US.  In addition, our beer selection includes the brands Ginga Kogen and Kagua.

Japan's distillation heritage dates back to the mid 16th century.  Originating in Persia and travelling east along the silk road through to Thailand then Okinawa and finally landing in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

By the late 17th, steeping ume in alcohol gave rise to umeshu category.  Although wine first made landfall in the 16th century with the Portuguese, viticulture in Japan was introduced in the mid 19th century during the Meiji Restoration.