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Please browse our Ultra-Premium Sake and Shochu Selection as well as several of our other exclusive product offerings.  This is a great place to learn more about Sake and Shochu as beverage genres in addition to familiarizing yourself with our products.

Sake is Japan’s greatest cultural export. A sake’s quality is determined by rice variety, climate, water quality, and production expertise. The term Jizake denotes locally produced sake. Our portfolio of premium, ultra-premium, and super ultra-premium jizake is exclusively sourced from independent local producers. All are handcrafted utilizing perfected traditional techniques passed down through generations of brewers.

Shochu is Japan’s other indigenous beverage and the latest spirit craze spanning the globe. Unlike sake, shochu is a distilled spirit that can be produced using a variety of primary ingredients including barley, rice, and sweet potatoes. Shochu has been touted for its smoothness and drinkability. It is preferred in Asia over Vodka due to its significantly lower caloric value, lower proof and its oft-alleged hangover-free qualities.





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